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Beacon Sports Performance Center will offer science-based, high performance sports training

“We are coaches, not trainers. As in a professional setting, we will work together in a team-based culture and reward success as a group because together we have one goal–athletic achievement.”

MISHAWAKA, IN—The Beacon Sports Performance Center will offer a new route for athletes who want to improve.

Powered by one of the nation’s top sports performance providers, STACK, the Center’s 6,200-square-foot facility inside Beacon Health & Fitness will give local youth, teen and adult athletes the equipment, science and programming to train on the level of professional athletes.

        “This is movement-based training for speed, agility and sports-based improvement in a semi-private or team-based setting,” said Jared Korpal, sports performance business development coordinator. As you would expect, safety is among the highest priorities. “We will have intensity. We will challenge you, but we won’t push you past your limits,” Jared said.

        “You will be trained like a professional athlete,” said Kyle Schutts, head sports performance coach for the Center. The facility is set up similar to a professional space, with the same equipment and research-based programs. Emphasis on proper progressions, for example, Olympic weight training or plyometrics, will improve performance without a threat for short- or long-term injury.

        The curriculum was developed by Kyle, Beacon Medical Director Dr. Michael Messmer and the Medical Advisory Board. Youth training for the 10- to 14-year-old age groups will focus on long-term athlete development by building a “foundation of athleticism,” Kyle said. As youth move into teen and high school ages, weight training and sports-based development continues. For adults, overall development for various disciplines will focus on strength, mobility, speed and structural balance.

        Also among the programming at the Sports Performance Center:

Adult high performance training,

High school performance training,

Youth performance training,

Team training (on and off site,)

Off-site corporate evetns,


Return-to-sport training,

Short-term sessions for college athletes who are home on a break,

College preparatory programs, νone-on-one performance training.   

        “Keep in mind,” Jared said, “we are coaches, not trainers. As in a professional athletic setting, we will work together in a team-based culture and reward success as a group because together we have one goal—athletic achievement.” So, while trunk rotation may well be addressed as a strengthening for baseball players, the actual mechanics of swinging the bat will not. “Athletes will still have to do their skill work, but all need to train their bodies to be able to maximize that skill,” Jared said.

        Though the training is team-based, each program is “athlete-specific” in that coaches will identify where each individual athlete is in their development and modify the program to maximize strengths and eliminate weaknesses

        “What I love about this field is challenging athletes and making them rise,” Kyle said. “Nothing is better than seeing the confidence shine in an athlete who didn’t think they could ever do 10 strict pull-ups, and then does.”

        Beacon Health & Fitness and the Sports Performance Center opens Nov. 10.

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