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For six years I have let myself have a little fun with the last issue of the season. The annual RPM Gifts for the Fit guide is intended to be just that—fun— ideas and what’s new from our local experts, and a few suggestions I dig up on my own. Here are some of my favorites things. (Photos included in the print and online issue.)

Huff-N-Puff Long Boards
You can learn all about 21-year-old Andrew Huff and the beautiful, handmade long boards he crafts from re-purposed wood out of his Bremen, IN workshop on Page 7. But for here, know they are available at Outpost Sports and are a terrific gift for campus travelers or anyone who prefers to commute sans petrol. Starting at $179.

Compression Socks a Go-Go
Practical yet magical. No way was I going to spend $60 on a pair of socks. But my legs felt tired, especially as I loaded on miles and deal with varicose veins. Somehow, Chris Schenkel at Fleet Feet convinced me. They are not cute. They are not fuzzy-cozy. They are just knee socks not too different from what I wore with my saddle shoes cheering at John Marshall. But they are splendid—like a massage while you are running and after! Be sure to get the lesson on how to put them on. A true gift of love!

Cozy-fuzzy T-Shirt Quilt
This is personal! Cindy Diamond of My Drawer Full of T-Shirts, has developed an applique technique that takes some of the cost out of making a traditional t-shirt quilt. I had one made for last year—from favorite family vacation shirts!

Cookbook with a Purpose
Since many of us (admitted or not) exercise so we can eat (more) I see no reason why cookbooks don’t fit in on the RPM gift pages. If you want to keep it sporty, then stop by SpinZone for a copy of “FeedZone Portables.” Dr. Allen Lim and professional chef Biju Thomas changed the face of the professional cycling menu and arguably, race results. In “FeedZone Portables,” there are 75 take-along recipes ideal for cyclists, runners, triathletes, mountain bikers, climbers, hikers and backpackers. All are simple and great for delicious exercise-ready nutrition.

Repurposed for a Purpose
Green Earth Multisport triathlon store in Winona Lake, IN carries everything a triathlete needs . . . and some things anyone might just plain want. My favorite, a line of totes, bags and the like from Oloves.com. These fashionable and outdoorsy bags are created from unused yoga mats and other reclaimed materials that companies were going to throw away.

DIY Balance Board
Andy and I were always looking for gifts we could make for the kids. Not of the artistic ilk, we often set out to build something— PVC goal posts, a quarter-pipe, even a balance beam. We missed out on this one, though, a Do-It-Youself balance board. Check out the instructions on hellowonderful.co.

I found this one at Meijer! And it is definitely under-the-tree worthy. Our son Scout found it as warming as any blanket in the house as he blissfully watched his Cubbies celebrate their World Series win.

Enjoy the Season, Embrace the Weather
Like Sheri Colan of SpinZone says: “If you keep yours hands, head, neck and feet warm, there’s no reason you can’t be outside all day!” When you do come in, read on! In this issue you’ll meet inspiring athletes, gain a bit of injury insight and stay motivated to find ways to stay fit through the winter.
Peace On!
Jan Spalding, RPM Publisher

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  1. These are fabulous ideas! May just have to pick up a couple for myself.
    As always, Jan, your fun and enthusiasm (and clever wit) are great pick-me-ups!

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