All My Life’s an Interval

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I workout in high-intensity intervals to maximize my excess post-oxygen consumption. My daily consumption requires eating in four-hour intervals to achieve optimum metabolic fitness. My fitness tracker zaps me when my movement intervals are not up to snuff and my dog snuffles me when I let the go-for-a-walk interval stretch too long.

 Year intervals are nothing new, but I smile to think I get to celebrate six of them with this issue (happy birthday RPM!) Seasonal intervals must be managed with valor by all who race and play in Michiana if we are to keep our fitness levels up—strapping on skis, bellying up to the treadmill, loading up videos and climbing on the bike trainer. (Enter Bruce Gordon with indoor interval bike training workouts on the Page 3.)

 I input upcoming events into the calendar in intervals—because there were so many! Yahoo! It was a premonition of good times, entering a slew of runs, rides, tris, walks and adventurous events into the 2017 Allied Physicians Race & Event Calendar now back to two pages!     

Check the website calendar on regular intervals because from here on out the events just keep coming. Also, stay tuned to the website for weekly group training opportunities offered b Michiana’s businesses, sport-specific clubs and organizations. You will be surprised at the offerings!       

Stay warm, stay active and enjoy a brief interval of healthy reading.          

Play on!

Jan Spalding, publisher

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