Summer Training Starts Indoors

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“Set goals for your body, capability and your available time and stick with it so you have a jump on spring rides.” Bruce Gordon


     Every winter a majority of us humanoids living in the Midwest struggle to keep the fitness we had in October. If you plan to use a bike trainer to get you there here are a few tips and workouts.

Distraction. Location is key, not two feet away from a basement wall looking at a concrete surface. Park with a view— near a window, television, computer, mirrors (if you like the way you look) or any place in your home that provides distraction.

More distraction. Music is always good, cycling videos or other active shows. (I like watching summer windsurfing videos with crystal blue water and great ocean pictures.)

Stay Cool. You will want one or two fans, water bottle and towel on hand to keep you cooled.

Decide and commit to your workout duration. I suggest 45 minutes to 1.5 hours. Try to always ride the first 15 minutes and last 10 minutes spinning easy. This is part of a total base build and should be practiced outdoors as well as indoors.

Short, fast speed workout’s. Work in intervals—four minutes on (hard), four minutes off at half of the hard effort. Do four 20-minute intervals for these workouts keeping in mind the rest sequence is as important as the hard riding. A very good tool to use for this is a heart rate monitor. Ride four minutes at 160 beats per minute, then rest at 110 BPM for four minutes.

High intensity, short workout. High intensity workouts are to be done after you have a base fitness built up. My favorite is repeating 30 seconds all out, 30-second rest for about six to eight sets. Rest for six to10 minutes between sets. Two to four sets of these is about the maximum you will want to do. If you do not have a heart rate monitor use this theory—If you can talk easily you are in rest mode; if talking is so labored you are gasping for air, you are in need of backing off a bit because you are at your max or very close.

Long, slower speed workout (from one hour up to tow or three hours.) LSD, not from the 70s but Long Slow Distance, is important for building a base condition. Here, consider leg speed: Do not simply put your bike in the largest gear and mash away. Focus on high speed spinning to promote a good cadence and fluid cycling style.

Goals are Key. Set goals for your body, capability and your available time and stick with it so that you have a jump on spring rides. Once you have committed to becoming a better cyclist this winter, checkout indoor group riding with Computrainers, and Wahoo Kickers that interface with the cyber cycling world, and roller riding at local shops.

Your Summer conditioning starts now.    

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