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“Executing a Proper Warm-up is a skill set foreign to many cyclists.”

Since it is June, I am going to assume you have established your base fitness. Now it’s time to add intensity training—short hard efforts to make you faster and stronger on the bike.

Enter The Robitussin Workouts—you hate ‘em but know they work. Warm up at least 10-15 minutes. But listen to you body. You might find you need a 35-45 minute warmup. If so, do it. Executing a proper warm-up is a skill set foreign to many cyclists.
Robitussin Short Workout #1
– Find a steep hill that will take a half to one minute to climb. (If you live in South Bend, one of my “least” favorites is Garland Hill. After your climb, you circle back to base on level streets. Built in cool down; sweet.)
– Do any number from 10 to 15 climbs with a rest of the same amount of time descending to the base. This is a much disliked, nasty, painful, boring, why-am-I-doing-this-type-of-workout which provides results.

Robitussin Short Workout #2
– Find a road with a good surface and low traffic. Ride as hard as you can, preferably out of the saddle sprinting as
if a huge dog were chasing you. Ride 30 seconds. Then stop peddling and do recover for just 30 seconds. As soon as 30 seconds are up, sprint with that dog chasing you for 30 seconds more. Do six to eight reps. Rest between sets for 5 to 10 minutes and then do 2 to 4 more and your day is done. Ride home, post your bike for sale on eBay.
– After doing these workouts twice a week for two months (assuming base fitness) you will find an increase in your fitness, the ability to climb hills better and handle the surges from guys whose sole mission on rides is to drop other riders.

Don’t forget, misery loves company—invite a friend along!

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