“You Call It Jogging, I Call It Running Around.”

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“. . .  you say you’re losing weight, but you haven’t lost a pound.”

        That’s a favorite Buffett deep track—and one that keeps me self-chuckling when the miles don’t seem to come too easily. In addition to my comfort music this spring, great toys have kept me on task in fitness and at work.

        Electronically, there’s my Weight Watchers app which has proved to be a fine way to get ‘er done. (Thanks O.) Then of course my e-BFF, aka FitBit, which hosts a party on my wrist every time I hit goal. After writing about the innovative ways Kruggel Lawton CPAs stay fit behind their desks (Feb.-March issue,) I fashioned my own standup desk from an antique engineer’s table that happened to be decorating my office. My cranky chronic IT band has been hushed.              

        And yes, I bought a Simply Fit board. Yes, it is simply awesome. I wanted an attraction at my booth for Allied Physician’s early May Women’s Health  Expo. The gals loved it—with only five twists, we could all feel our abs engage and quads fire. At home, I gave it a joking stab in front of my new desk. I rocked,  twisted and balanced my way through long days at the computer putting this 20-pager together. (Best to be wearing insoles and running shoes on those days.)

        The Yeti  mug. It was a Silver Mile silent auction purchase and it is everything I dreamed it would be—you can burn your tongue on your tea an hour later.

Don’t Miss It!

        Squeezing two months of high-season news and race previews into 20 pages is an insurmountable task (even atop a Simply Fit board.) Race directors put their heart, soul and ingenuity into hosting every one of the races and events listed on pages 10-11. But there too, space is limited. So become a frequent flyer of the RPM website calendar that is updated regularly and where infinite space allows us to give you more descriptive insights on each listing.

        Read on—there’s plenty new and all of the favorites planned for this summer. Hint: Friday family mountain bike riding, new trail running classes, adventure events and more!

Play on Michiana—It’s Summer at last!

Jan Spalding, RPM editor

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