UAG Introduces “Peloton” for High School Cyclists

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Urban Adventure Games has introduced a  new initiative for 2017—the Peloton Partner Program that brings together high school students and corporate leadership. For a set sponsorship fee, corporate partners can create their own Urban Adventure Games peloton comprised of high school students who will be challenged to work as a team as they participate in the UAG race.  The second, and perhaps even more unique part of the program is that the corporate partner is encouraged to host their peloton of high school students to a “business development day.”

        “Urban Adventure Games is charged with making our community a better place,” said Catey Traylor, a UAG committee member. “We think the Peloton Partner Program can be an enticing, unique way to create professional connections and also promote healthy habits in our youth.” The 2017 race will cover 50-plus check points throughout South Bend, Mishawaka and the ND campus. “Put on your adventure pants this year,” Catey said. “ You may think you know what’s coming, but you’ll get a curve ball.” And oh yes, come prepared to get wet! Contact for the Peloton Partner Program.

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