Fitness is Art at Movement Made Beautiful

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Abbi Pollyea, owner of movement made beautiful in Granger, offers her signature cardio dance class along with Pilates, barre and other class options.

“I have a very big dream,” said Abbi Pollyea, owner of the cardio-dance and fitness studio, movement made beautiful. Her July 1 opening in Granger, IN is but one grand jeté in Abbi’s big picture.

When she was 25, Abbi developed a fitness-based dance class she has taught at various studios throughout the area.

 “My signature cardio dance class was born from a desire to dance as an adult but not being able to find a class that suited my needs. I wanted technique. I wanted a jazz-based curriculum and I wanted a good workout.”

So Abbi, with a childhood background in dance arts and gymnastics, created her own.

Now 40, her cardio dance has evolved and expanded to nearly 300 routines, many of which are on her YouTube channel, now linked to the mmb website. Abbi has plans to  launch her online Cardio Dance membership soon.

When Abbi opened doors in July, her “regulars” were there, rearranging their schedules if needed to satiate their own passion for dance fitness. As new clients find mmb, Abbi will warn the first few classes can be a bit overwhelming.

“There has to be a desire to learn the routines. The workout comes once you know them, that is why I have the YouTube support, so people can continue to work on learning the steps at home.”

Generally, a new routine is added each week. “It never gets easier because you perform them better.”

For many, the challenge and group experience has a profound effect on people, said Abbi: “The energy in the classes is unbelievable.”

Pilates private Reformer sessions are also available at mmb. As aficionados and those in the industry know, Pilates instructors complete 200 hours of rigorous training to become certified and then are required to attend two-day seminars yearly to keep their license current. For Abbi, mother of four, the intense Pilates instruction (not to mention a 200-hour yoga certification) have been worthy commitments.

“Pilates is what got me into fitness as an adult—it’s like an adult version of gymnastics, mastering the different choreography that comes with each piece of equipment,” Abbi said. “Like dance, it is very disciplined and will always be my foundation as a fitness instructor.”

mmb also offers classes in barre, sculpt and yoga to help students round out their fitness efforts.

The business also grows with Abbi’s unique niche in custom choreography.  Her intuitive routines for various groups, ages and styles has earned her 300,000-plus YouTube views. These include:

  • Hip-hop birthday parties, a hit with the teens.
  • Cocktails and Choreography for adult parties and gatherings
  • In-school yoga and cardio dance introduce students to having fun with fitness.
  • Abbi’s wedding choreography—for first dances, father-daughter dances, even entire wedding parties—celebrate the event long before it happens and add custom-made memories to the wedding day.

The build-up practice sessions for weddings can even be life-changing, Abbi has noticed. “We give them something to look forward to that they didn’t even know they liked.”

Abi always wanted to be a dancer, but chose the family route instead. Now, movement made beautiful is her second chance to dance. Her oldest son, Cole, husband Jeremy and Abbi remodeled the and transformed the studio space, putting on finishing touches right up to the minute before the first class. Abbi’s two younger children have fallen right into the routine as well.

Routines are set. Equipment is in place. “Now, I have to learn to run a business.”

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