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Mango-Curry Chicken at The Wholesome Package

The WHOLEsome Package has quietly been coming on strong in Michiana, offering healthy meals and snacks for those on the go. Call it a local custom meal prep concept. Call it breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack. Or, call it a handy way to grab steroid and antibiotic-free protein, wild-caught seafood and local, organic veggies for a good-for-you meal on the go.

        “Our goal is to make healthy and life-changing food as available as the typical fast-food restaurant,” said co-owner Nicole McKee. “Fast food for healthy people.”

        In 2016, Nicole and Anna Grcich founded The WHOLEsome Package and began selling healthy, protein-powered meals and snacks at World Gym in Mishawaka. The two had met at the gym years earlier when their shared passion for nutrition and fitness flared a friendship and eventually, a unique business concept. “We truly believe the quality of your life depends on the quality of your food,” Anna said. Both women had experience in the food service industry, so they took their knowledge to the entrepreneurial level.

        “We noticed people were leaving the gym starving, and though there are bars and shakes available, there was no actual food,” said Anna. The two knew they could make meals easy—and delicious—for their fellow gym mates by doing the shopping and cooking required to create grab-and-go meals and snacks. First stop, call the health department and learn how to sell food to the public.

        “Our first delivery was a little small cooler with four items we took to World Gym,” Nicole said. Offering steak, chicken and shrimp with various vegetable combinations, they wanted to see if it was a good idea. Of course it was, and in no time, their “little tiny cooler” grew to a commercial size refrigerated chest.

        Grab-and-go meals are available at World Gym on McKinley and now also at The LIttle Black Dog on Main and Mishawaka Avenue, both in Mishawaka. Anna and Nicole have built a steady pre-order business delivering to a corporate offices that have 10 or more orders. Thirteen area businesses pre-order meals weekly. Members at Peakfast in Granger and RockStar Health & Performance in Osceola order regularly so they are available after a workout. Employees at corporate offices, such as Goshen General Hospital and Press Ganey, have coordinated weekly orders. Individuals are able to pre-order online at World Gym and Little Black Dog to ensure their favorite selection is not sold out.

        The girls cook seven days a week, daily stocking their popular Caprese salads, omelets and in hot-demand sirloin dishes and Asian chicken wrap. Gluten-free options are available, as are meals for paleo and Keto diet palates. The meals run between $3 and $14—“As low as we can get them.” They know the slightly higher cost for non-GMO and non-processed food is worth it to people who understand the science.

       “We’re moving away from the mentality of only worrying about what our bodies look like now. We believe that your quality of life is a direct result of the quality of your food,” Anna said.

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