Holiday Cheer Gear

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Happy upcoming holidays all! Tis’ the season where we must muster a bit more enthusiasm to keep on training. Never fear, Michiana race directors are here!  We have the new Frosted Fat Tire Relays (page 13) a new indoor triathlon (look left) Fleet Feet’s Winter Warrior training program (page 13) multiple festive and funtastic December holiday runs and a good share of if-you-can’t-melt-it-play-in-it deep-winter events that will carry us through to the spring.

Check out the AlliedPhysician’s Race & Event Calendar and plan on!

The Dec.-Jan. issue is dedicated to RPM’s terrific retail supporters and all the locally owned retailers whose passion for sports and fitness is their livelihood. Peruse on, in the next few pages we’ve highlighted our top picks of great gift ideas you can find right around the corner. Personally, Santa, I’d like one of each.

        To whet your appetite, check out Tone-y-Bands, sold at Movement Made Beautiful in Granger. For such functional, comfortable and waterproof weights, they are actually quite fashionable.  Try them out to augment any of the fitness fun you do.

        After an unbelievable family camping trip to Banff this summer, I vowed to give a shout out to one of the most comforting pieces of gear we took along (other than the bear spray.) “Recovery” in our ENOS camping hammocks (from Outpost Sports) became an undeniable post-hike, pre-dinner ritual—great kibitzing even for adult kids who still like their hang time together.

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