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We’re going digital.

Are you ready for a greener community resource that runs at a much-improved pace? We wouldn’t call it RPM if we didn’t want to keep getting faster. So gear yourselves for more contributors, more features, more timely news stories, more event coverage and more fun.

Don’t get me wrong, I too love the crinkly feel of the hand-held. Yet, for years, marketing experts from South Bend, Purdue University, Indianapolis and beyond have recommended I switch to a digital business model for this type of boutique publication. (Admittedly, my marketing-savvy son, David—who takes his coffee black and his news exclusively online—has also been riding my tail to make the switch. When did that role reversal happen?)

A Page Turner
In 2011, my mission was to create a “bulletin board” for our dynamic community of runners/walkers, triathletes, cyclists, swimmers, and all, as I like to say, Michiana fitness enthusiasts. I stumbled into a passionate niche of local retailers and race directors who embraced this targeted audience, shared their stories and worked RPM into their advertising budgets. Annual commitments from corporate community supporters like Allied Physicians, Beacon, OSMC, Chet Zawalich, Kruggel Lawton, and the Healthcare Foundation of LaPorte made it possible to keep rates affordable for all. And we published on.

It’s one of my favorite stories, but it’s time for Chapter Two.

As a digital newspaper, RPM will use e-mail, social media and the RPM website as its primary way of bringing fitness news to its community of followers. As we fine-tune the process heading into our “busy season,” you’ll find it all there . . . just click instead of turn.

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So stay with us, chime in and PRM on. Spring is in the air and our calendar runneth over!

Jan Spalding, editor, RacePlayMichiana

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