Got to Love Love Biketober Fest

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Sunday, Oct., 21, Love Creek County Park, Berrien Springs, MI

10am start,

BERRIEN SPRINGS, MI—Get your bike on, any bike in fact — fat, thin or in the middle. The Love Biketober Fest is a unique celebration of cycling in Michiana as a new event offering a multiple-choice of events:

  • 15 or 25 mile gravel road ride
  • 25 to 50 mile road ride
  • “Beat the Ranger Trail Ride” and
  • Intro to mountain biking class and ride (free)

The gravel and road rides are out and back routes from Love Creek County Park. The longer gravel route incorporates riverside riding, woods and there are, of course, great fall colors for all the routes. The mountain/trail “Beat the Ranger Trail Ride” will take place on the park’s “famed” bike trails, challenging racers to beat a previously recorded Strava time clocked by park ranger Kip Miller.

“This will be more casual than most cycling events,” said Outpost owner and one of the event coordinators JV Peacock. “There are no SAGs because the routes are out and back, but we’ll have Haymarket Beer, brats, pulled pork and a festive atmosphere waiting for all as they wrap up their rides.”

Road, gravel, mountain and brats! Enjoy the color and camaraderie at the one-of-a-kind Love Biketober Fest this coming Oct. 20 at Love Creek and surrounding roads.

When it comes to biking, South Bend Tribune’s Joe Dits always adds a poetic touch. For a little more depth, here’s Joe’s report on Love Biketober Fest 2018.

Along with JV, the brainstorming planning committee consists of other seasoned Michiana riders: Rob Shellhamer, Greg Furry, Rod Donnigan, John Marquardt, Beat Stocher. The group is especially pleased to incorporate the gravel road event.“The hot thing in our sport is gravel riding. It’s a challenge, but people can use any tire wider than a road bike— fat, mountain or hybrid,” JV said.

The $35 registration fee is welcoming to all and proceeds will benefit Bike Michiana Coalition, which has given more than $100,000 to bike and riding activities in the area.

“It will be gorgeous riding that time of year, on the road and in the park,” JV said, who added he’s always wanted to host an event from Love Creek’s beautiful setting and facilities. One thing, though: “It had to have beer.”

Intro to Mountain Biking

Want to freshen up on braking, climbing, shifting? This free class at 11am and 1pm is part of the event to welcome those just getting into the sport, or who would like to learn more. A certified instructor will host the class and trail ride on the Park’s fat tire bikes.


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