On Board and Serving it Up!

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Meet Carly Todd – RPM’s newest contributor and all-around highly driven just-turned 19-year-old. She’s a rising sophomore at Arizona State University, but is a born-‘n-bred Hoosier who played four years of soccer at Penn High School. Like all RPMers, she loves the sun (hence the ASU pick) healthy cooking, blogging and fitness. In fact, when Carly arrived at ASU last fall and saw there was no CHAARG chapter, a women’s health & fitness sorority, she chartered her own. (CHAARG stands for “Changing Health, Attitudes + Action to Recreate Girls.) As a CHAARG Ambassador, Carly writes newsletters and leads her team to create weekly workouts, socials and health events. Really, could there be a better fit for RPM? We’ll be hearing more from Carly this summer (and hopefully beyond since we are all so comfy now working virtually.) Look for today’s edible “Try Something New” post – Carly’s tempting Proats recipe from her most recent CHAARG newsletter.

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