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RPM contributor Carly Todd gives your old oatmeal a new twist . . . and purpose.

Protein Oatmeal, aka: “Proats”
For thicc oatmeal, the simple trick is to add protein powder. My favorite protein is by Pescience. (Pictured is Pescience’s peanut butter cup flavor). Adding a source of protein in your breakfast makes it more filling + gives you more energy to start your day. Proats are my go-to because it’s so easy + satisfies my morning sweet tooth.
Once my oatmeal is *almost* done cooking, I add my strawbs. Once fully cooked, I add the protein + a glob of yogurt if you like it extra creamy.
Which brings to mind this jingle:
Something old (oatmeal); something new (powdered protein); Something borrowed (a good recipe); Something blue (if you add blueberries.)

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